Focused around low level players in RuneScape

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Towards the end of this month, he will star alongside you in two all new novice quests, which encompass a humongous graphical overhaul of the whole of Al Kharid. Players with any level of experience will be able to complete the quests, but players with higher stats will be able to access the unique content hidden within.

If you haven’t already, check out the Al Kharid overhaul in our recent Behind the Scenes video:You’ll need all your cunning and thievish guile as you tail marks, steal artefacts and dabble in a little political manoeuvring.

All of the content will be fully voice-acted, and it will feature some of the most fantastic set pieces, most beautiful locations and most beguiling puzzles to be found in RuneScape.

The basic rewards are focused around low-level players, with a new area, titles and equipment available, but there’s plenty more hidden for those with a keen eye for exploration and the right levels.

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