Equipment to Slayer in RuneScape

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A Slayer cape will boost the player from level 99 to level 100 for a short period of time

A Black mask will boost both Attack and Strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been assigned by a Slayer Master. They can be obtained by fighting Cave Horrors in a cave on Mos Le’Harmless, or by buying them from other players. When meleeing Cave Horrors, a Witchwood Icon and light source is required. The masks have a number of charges, represented by a number following the item title. When the player still has charges, he or she will sometimes have his or her opponent’s Defence decreased. Each time this effect randomly takes place, the player will lose one charge. When Black masks lose all their charges, they have no number.

A Focus Sight will boost Ranged accuracy and strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been assigned by a Slayer Master. They can be obtained as drops from Desert Strykewyrms, which require 77 Slayer to kill.

A Hexcrest will boost Magic accuracy and strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been assigned by a Slayer Master. They can be obtained as drops from Jungle Strykewyrms, which require 73 Slayer to kill. It should be noted that these monsters have the ability to poison players.
The Salve amulet is a reward from the Haunted Mine quest, which boosts Attack and Strength by 15% when fighting any undead monster, such as Aberrant Spectres, Banshees, and Shades. The player can enchant it by defeating Tarn Razorlor and using the book obtained on the amulet. A Salve amulet gives a 20% bonus to Attack and Strength. The bonuses of the amulets do not stack with the effect of a Black mask.

Dragon slayer gloves can be purchased for 200 Fist of Guthix tokens from Reggie, giving 15% more Slayer experience and a 10% Attack bonus when worn while slaying dragons as part of an assigned slayer task. These boosts stack with the Black mask and Slayer helm. They will crumble to dust after killing 1,000 assigned dragons while wearing the gloves.

The Slayer helmet gives the same advantages which a black mask gives but also acts as a multi task protection helmet. It is made using a black mask, earmuffs, nose peg, facemask and a spiny helmet on each other. The Slayer helmet gives the protection of all of these items against their specific monsters. This helmet requires you to buy the knowledge to make it for 400 slayer points as well as have 10 defence and 55 crafting. This helmet is very popular amongst high level slayers for its practicality and its ability to still give the 15% bonus in attack and strength whilst fighting monsters you otherwise would need a different helmet for.

The Full Slayer helmet can be made by adding a Hexcrest and Focus Sight to a normal Slayer helmet. This makes maging and ranging tasks much easier.

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Farming Tools in RuneScape

Farming is a members’ skill, in which players grow crops using seeds and harvest useful items from them, or more commonly, harvest the plant itself.The tools required for farming may be purchased at Farming shops or from the Grand Exchange.You will find how to get enough RuneScape Gold became critical.

The following equipment and tools can be held by Tool leprechauns:
Rake – remove weeds
After Fairytale III – Battle at Orks Rift, gardeners may be asked to keep patches “weed free.”
Seed dibber – plant seeds, except for trees
Watering can – water vegetables, flowers, hops, and tree seedlings
After Fairytale III – Battle at Orks Rift, you are rewarded with a Magic watering can that carries infinite water and causes tree seedlings to grow into saplings twice as fast.
Spade – harvest or clear patches, also to remove dead plants and tree stumps
Gardening trowel – fill a plant pot with soil and place tree seeds pots
Secateurs – prune diseased trees or remove Willow branches.
After Fairytale I – Growing Pains, you receive Magic secateurs which, when wielded, increase harvest yields by 10% from allotments, herb and hop patches.
Empty buckets (30+ recommended)
Normal Compost (several hundred recommended)
Supercompost (several hundred recommended)
Scarecrows – stick in flower patches to protect Sweetcorn.

Since the update on the 6 December 2011 the player need only carry a watering can, buckets and compost to farm effectively, as the rest of the tools can be carried on the Toolbelt. However the magic secateurs are still recommended due to the increased yield.

Tool leprechauns have two important functions:

You can note any crop by using it on a Leprechaun. This is an essential service as the produce from a single allotment can sometimes exceed 40 items. Leprechauns will not note logs from any source. Interestingly, the leprechaun in the farming patch south of Falador will not note cabbages, probably because people were abusing this function to gather vast quantities of cabbages. Also odd is that Leprechauns will note Ashes, probably because when you pick white lillies they turn into ash.

Tool Leprechauns function as a storage shed. They will hold on to and safely store all of the basic tools that players use for Farming, as well as holding onto a stash of a maximum of 255 empty buckets, 255 buckets of compost, 255 buckets of supercompost, 255 plant cures and 5 scarecrow. However, they will not store seeds or crops. Tool leprechauns are found at every farming patch patch in the game, giving access to the player’s tools anytime they want to farm. The leprechaun on Troll Stronghold also sells an assortment of farming-related items. The leprechaun in Herblore Habitat allows storage of three-dose juju potions.
Additional tools

Plant pots – for planting tree seeds. When watered, the seedling grows into a sapling after about 5 minutes, which can then be planted in a wood or fruit tree patch.

Hatchet – for removing any trees from a patch before digging up the stump and planting a new one.

Empty sacks – needed to make payments. Once filled with 10 of the same vegetable, gardeners will accept them as payment to watch over nearby crops. Empty sacks can be purchased from any farm shop or made with the Crafting skill.

Baskets – needed to make payments. Once filled with 5 of the same fruit gardeners will accept them as payment to watch over a nearby crop. Empty baskets can be purchased from any farm shop or made with the Crafting skill.

Plant cure – for curing any crop of disease.

Gardening boots – no function, purely decorative.

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Somethings about Summoning in RuneScape

Summoning is a members-only skill.Wolf Whistle acts as an introduction to the skill, even though it is not required to start the skill. It teaches players to infuse the essence of a variety of creatures into Summoning pouches, then summon these creatures, called familiars. The root cause of most of the difficulties encountered when playing games is the lack of money, how to get enough money to become critical.And you do not have enough money, so you need to find a place to rest assured to Get Runescape Gold.


Summoning pouches are used to summon familiars. The creation of a pouch is relatively simple: the pouch is infused with the essence of a creature, or familiar, at a Summoning Obelisk which can then be summoned using the pouch. Infusing pouches yields experience in summoning. A pouch is used up when a familiar is summoned, and it is not restored when the familiar is dismissed.

Note that certain types of noted pouches (bloated leech, bronze minotaur, and other high shard pouches can be sold to the ogre Bogrog to get up to 1 shard per 20 gold coins of pouch value.Below is a table showing you what pouches to make with charms for the best xp/hr and for the lowest gp/hr used and in the order of which to make them.


Summoning scrolls are required to perform a familiar’s special move. The special moves the scrolls can perform vary widely and are tied to the familiar. You must have the familiar summoned that the scrolls are tied to in order to use them. Using a scroll does not use any summoning points. Instead, it uses special move energy. You must have enough energy on the special energy bar to perform the action.

Scrolls are created by converting familiar pouches into scrolls at a Summoning obelisk. One pouch can be converted into 10 scrolls that are tied to the familiar the pouch was fused with.


Pets are animals that follow you all around RuneScape and are purely for decorative/entertainment purposes – with the exception of the broav, which plays a part in While Guthix Sleeps, the Saradomin owl and the Zamorak hawk, which both provide protection from respective factions in the God Wars Dungeon, and the platypus, which can be used to obtain caskets. They are very similar to pet cats, which can be obtained from the Gertrude’s Cat quest. The differences are that you have to continue feeding your summoning pets after 100% growth, and pet cats require stroking to keep them from running away, whereas summoning pets do not.

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Runescape game platform is a good place for players to level up mining

A lot of level 10 dwarves can be found around the Runescape world. You can train on them when leveling RS mining. Once your mining is up to 20, you can leave Falador to Al-Kharid.

Go straight north and you will find the mine. You can mine silver there. While you are mining there, you can train on the scorpions. When you get enough silver, you can go back and smelt the bars.As soon as you reach level 35, you can make money and level up in Varrock. You should go through the west and directly to the north. There will be crisp sound bite, then melted in the light between enunciation.

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She has a maturity, a sense of purpose beyond her years and a steely determination. Necessary to have unique prayer to the gods of the devices. Agility allows the player to pass through had not passed. There are certain free Runescape gold sites who are selling items at a low price. You can get some items by doing certain tasks in the game.Walking for a while, you will get to a graveyard. Skeletons will be found at the northeast of the graveyard. You are supposed to attack the skeletons and get big bones.

All players want to make as much Runescape gold as they can

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The important thing is that you should collect a huge number of cow hides so that you can sell them to earn gold. Indeed, it is better to access some top secrets which can teach players to learn the ways of making virtual money. Many experienced players are engaged in writing secrets or guides in Runescape. They know the game well.You precious time is worth being spent to read the strategies. It is essential to learn high skills and high combat. But lack of gold will make the game harder to get through.

Your first choice in the gaming is to slay cows for cowhide which is worth more than one hundred each.After you get it, you can make your combat up a little. A lot of rich players who have to get a fast boost in their crafting level utilized the cowhide. There are 3 best cow pens among all in Runescape.You will find plenty of ripe cows for you to cut down in the place near Lumbridge. However, it is generally more crowded than the other two.

It is easy to get there. You can set off more crowded than the other, and then go to walk east until you see a bridge. After you see that, you can go cross the bridge. The cows will be seen in the side of the paved road north that you follow.The other places are next to Falador. Follow the direction; you will be able to collect your cowhides. South of Falador is the final place. Runescape gold will be earned if you have mastered all the skills.

How to earn a lot of Runescape Gold if you get the correct strategies?

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More and more claims are being made in the form of video and screen shots of the achievements from many players. They are used to provide proof about the gold cap. It is absolutely possible for someone to amass so much gold. If you are a gamer who is playing Wow for sixty hours, the cap will be achieved. In order to hit the Wow gold cap, you may have to do something.

You can move ahead to elite status with the step of the big deal.Since most people have no idea on making gold efficiently, the number of those who can is really small. Only the small percent of players can make the gold cap happen. It is a big mistake if you merely depend on farming for earning gold.

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The movement of items among various servers, factions and auction houses need to be mastered. The transaction will bring much more gold than that only from questing and farming.More methods are being sold in the guides of Wow. You can learn how to earn a lot of Wow gold if you get the correct strategies. The gold cap is really possible for everyone to reach if they do it seriously.

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Madness Quest in the game and Buy Runescape Gold

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After this happens, interact with the rat and remove the cheese produced five. Cheese sells for about 120 gp each on the Grandmarket.Start off by heading to the Grand Exchange. Here you can buy all amounts of coal and iron ore, but remember to get coal twice.It may be advisable to buy 1k coal and 500 iron, because the cost is only about 250k.Well with the coming of Runescape Gold came a lot of new initiatives from Jagex to prevent the uses of macros such as Runescape Gold autominers.

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