Farming Tools in RuneScape

Farming is a members’ skill, in which players grow crops using seeds and harvest useful items from them, or more commonly, harvest the plant itself.The tools required for farming may be purchased at Farming shops or from the Grand Exchange.You will find how to get enough RuneScape Gold became critical.

The following equipment and tools can be held by Tool leprechauns:
Rake – remove weeds
After Fairytale III – Battle at Orks Rift, gardeners may be asked to keep patches “weed free.”
Seed dibber – plant seeds, except for trees
Watering can – water vegetables, flowers, hops, and tree seedlings
After Fairytale III – Battle at Orks Rift, you are rewarded with a Magic watering can that carries infinite water and causes tree seedlings to grow into saplings twice as fast.
Spade – harvest or clear patches, also to remove dead plants and tree stumps
Gardening trowel – fill a plant pot with soil and place tree seeds pots
Secateurs – prune diseased trees or remove Willow branches.
After Fairytale I – Growing Pains, you receive Magic secateurs which, when wielded, increase harvest yields by 10% from allotments, herb and hop patches.
Empty buckets (30+ recommended)
Normal Compost (several hundred recommended)
Supercompost (several hundred recommended)
Scarecrows – stick in flower patches to protect Sweetcorn.

Since the update on the 6 December 2011 the player need only carry a watering can, buckets and compost to farm effectively, as the rest of the tools can be carried on the Toolbelt. However the magic secateurs are still recommended due to the increased yield.

Tool leprechauns have two important functions:

You can note any crop by using it on a Leprechaun. This is an essential service as the produce from a single allotment can sometimes exceed 40 items. Leprechauns will not note logs from any source. Interestingly, the leprechaun in the farming patch south of Falador will not note cabbages, probably because people were abusing this function to gather vast quantities of cabbages. Also odd is that Leprechauns will note Ashes, probably because when you pick white lillies they turn into ash.

Tool Leprechauns function as a storage shed. They will hold on to and safely store all of the basic tools that players use for Farming, as well as holding onto a stash of a maximum of 255 empty buckets, 255 buckets of compost, 255 buckets of supercompost, 255 plant cures and 5 scarecrow. However, they will not store seeds or crops. Tool leprechauns are found at every farming patch patch in the game, giving access to the player’s tools anytime they want to farm. The leprechaun on Troll Stronghold also sells an assortment of farming-related items. The leprechaun in Herblore Habitat allows storage of three-dose juju potions.
Additional tools

Plant pots – for planting tree seeds. When watered, the seedling grows into a sapling after about 5 minutes, which can then be planted in a wood or fruit tree patch.

Hatchet – for removing any trees from a patch before digging up the stump and planting a new one.

Empty sacks – needed to make payments. Once filled with 10 of the same vegetable, gardeners will accept them as payment to watch over nearby crops. Empty sacks can be purchased from any farm shop or made with the Crafting skill.

Baskets – needed to make payments. Once filled with 5 of the same fruit gardeners will accept them as payment to watch over a nearby crop. Empty baskets can be purchased from any farm shop or made with the Crafting skill.

Plant cure – for curing any crop of disease.

Gardening boots – no function, purely decorative.

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