Keep runescape Account Safe is first aim

We love Runescape. It’s a great game and there’s always so much to do. Previously, and in the future, we’ll write about so many tips and tricks that you’ll be a world-wide renowned player if you follow them all. However, there are people out there who are too lazy to do the work for themselves. Some of you reading this article may have had your Runescape account stolen by hackers and thieves. If you’re ever asked to participate in helping to steal Runescape passwords, please report it to Jagex immediately.

There’s no fun in getting accounts illegally, and it’s morally wrong. Also, you could be liable for legal action if you do so.Runescape has been on for few years. This game is always attractive by most kids who are from different countries around the world. We have opened our company mainly on selling runescape stuff such as runescape gold and leveling and items and quests for more than six years. We met a lot of kinds of customers who are individualistic.

In summer holiday, they have long term vacation to play. They get much free time to play game with their friends. But Christmas holiday is short any way, normally they only have two weeks vacation to play and stay with their parents and friends. They have to go back to their school soon. So they prefer to cherish the opportunity than when summer holiday comes.

Don’t ever tell someone your password. Nobody. Jagex will never ask for your password. Remember, they have your password already on their server, so why would they need to ask? The only person who would ask is someone stealing accounts.Only login to Runescape on the official RuneScape site. The official site is runescape wensite ever follow a link to the site, because links can easily be faked by anyone. Check the address bar every time you play. Also, you should manually type in the URL in the address bar when you do play.