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In order to show our appreciation to all your support in the past years, we have decided to launch a promotion for the Xmas and New Year. here will be a activities about sale Runescape Gold.One of the most important concepts to understand in Runescape is that of hitpoints, sometimes called HP, health, or life points. These basically represent how many hits your character can take before he or she dies. The more hitpoints you have, the more powerful monsters you can take on and the longer you’ll be able to survive in massive battles.

Hey yall there is a better way to make money. If u r a mem u can kill drags= Good money, you get around 2k per bone and 1.7k for the green drag hides. Bring a games necklace so you can teleport to the bounty hunter and clan wars.Recomended that u have ranged of atleast 50. In just 1 trip of picking up the hides and bones you get 47k per trip.

i know a way to make money on runescape without having any skill…. go to the grand tree gnome stronghold and then go to swamp in there. get a full inventory of toads! -gasp- lol they’re worth over 13k for each inventory. just keep clicking on the respawn points and in 1 minute you can get a full inventory! bank inside the tree then repeat! my way is the best around 2 mil a day!This runescape scimitar have moderate strength like rune long sword but rune long sword did more damage and was more accurate at hitting enemies which is what i found out and i agreed. But what made up for the rune scimitar to be the same as the rune longsword is its speed of hitting the enemy. scimitars are known to be the fastest weapons in RS so that is why evryone like to use it.

In my days, I have heard hundreds upon hundreds of How To Make Easy RuneScape Money tips. I have also developed some myself that really can work. I will name both mine and others that I’ve heard so that you can get rich quick. By the time your done reading this page, you should have a great idea of how to get the money for that party hat that looks oh so appealing.

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