Buy the FIFA 15 as EARLY as POSSIBLE

930.0x524.0 5 Buy the FIFA 15 as EARLY as POSSIBLEI know after each fifa since FIFA 11 we tell ourselves ‘nah,so not getting this pile of wank next year’ and we threaten EA by telling them to sort their servers out or else we’ll do the impossible and jump ship to the slowly-improving but still a shitter of a game that is PES. But eventually we’ll all succumb to the marketing (only thing they do well) skills of Electronic Arts. SO back to the topic, I suggest getting the game early or even preordering the game because the amount of free packs is not too bad and the notion of using Messi for 5 games is quite exciting, and let’s face it most of us won’t even have the chance of using Messi after the five games. Getting the game early also means we could actually make some profit from the piles of crap we get from packs.

I know this is crazy and I know packs are the biggest waste of money, but at the start of FIFA it could make you some nice profit. As we all know at the start of Fifa the market is very unsettled and players are selling at ridiculous prices meaning the players you get from packs could sell for a pretty high price infact due to the lack of cards on the market all the items from packs would sell at double the price. A good example: I opened a 5k pack at the start of FIFA UT and I got Cissokho from Liverpool and a few other players. Cissokho would sell for nothing right? No, because he had decent stats and came from a good league and nation I sold him for a ridiculous 2.3k, meaning I made nearly half the money back of that singe packs wiith ONE PLAYER. Combine that with contracts and other rubbish, you could make quite a decent pofit and of course if you pack a rare player with decent stats you are guarenteed to make good profit.

The 400 coin bronze pack trading method is very popular and very reliable. This method is basically, you open a 400 coin bronze pack adn you sell all the contents and hopefully make a tidy profit. At the start of FIFA these bronzes especially English bronzes or players with decent to good stats can easily sell for more meaning you could make TRIPLE your fifa 15 coins back from one pack.

NOTE: This method involves injecting some money into the game ONLY if you want to open gold packs and trade, but bronze packs are a suitable replacement.

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22 Aug 2014

Use FIFA Coins to build Your Super Staff

Fifa 14 screenshot 1024x640 Use FIFA Coins to build Your Super Staff

It is really in reality an impression, i think to not mention it might be erroneous, yet for us a good staff is really a team which is designed all around speed. The number of situations understandably you’ve got destroyed outside of the final defender just for him to buy FIFA 15  coins and peg you back a couple of yards with the place? With good tempo this easily does not take place, with great speed talent techniques tend to be more challenging to protect versus and in addition the defenders are way more vulnerable to decide to purchase FIFA coins and foul a fast participant compared to standard gradual one particular.

Making this why is a fantastic staff, short defenders, a handful of midfielders with incredible vision and passing capabilities and some wingers and attackers with pace, Often, this is certainly crank out cash flow will get started to shop for FIFA coins and create a team, naturally I individually use awesome perfectly know players but anyone has got to begin with a garbage staff so it is one way to produce a single without any investing large amounts of money determining your leading league aspiration crew.

I’ll test up to now as you will be able to obtain FIFA ultimate team coins and just advocate gamers which might be less than 10,000 FIFA coins whilst everybody knows that costs transform and fluctuate day-to-day so never acquire these gamers as defiantly to be below that amount, I will just use gamers choosing in excess of 80 speed way too much like any considerably less and they will you wish to get blocking they across the spot! So allow us get started to construct.

Now if this requires goalkeepers, it seriously won’t make a difference about rate, significantly when working to decide to buy FIFA coins and make a good budget staff so It’s best to shop for FIFA ultimate team coins and obtain a goalkeeper with impressive shot blocking and dealing with capabilities and then create a terrific crew ahead of him, let us facial area the specifics having Joe Hart in on the off is truly a tiny not likely unless of course certainly you? You are relatively fortunate inside a gold pack.

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22 Aug 2014

FIFA 15 Guide:Defending Against Skill Players

FIFA 15 is coming around the corner.Now you can learn exactly how to stop all the top skill players from taken on your defenders and beating them easily. Electronic Arts have this year introduced some amazing attacking features that really entice gamers to use the skill moves a lot more than they would have done in previous installments gone by.


1408677077 fifa 14 pienaar 800x450 FIFA 15 Guide:Defending Against Skill Players
With more players not scared to perform these exciting skill moves against your back-line, you’ll need to be prepared for what’s going to hit you this year. Thankfully we’ve got the best tips to give out on how your club can deal with this easily below:

The Space Apart Is key
Remember to always stay about 2 yards away from the attacker, you might think to stay tight but this is when the skilled player will perform his moves and go past you like it was taking candy from a baby. If you stay reasonably tight, but at the same time give yourself some space so that more support will arrive and you can wait for him to make a mistake, either by performing a move, or passing it backwards.

Whichever option he chooses, you have still contained the threat and a goal scoring opportunity has not arisen from their play.

Make Them Pass The Ball
If the skill player passes the ball then you’ve pretty much successfully beating him all ends up! It’s literally the last option of what a skill player would want to end up doing. A player with some silky flair that likes taking defenders on will more often than not try and do just that. So if you force them into a pass or cross, they’re more likely to give away possession, especially if you have big men at the back.

Contain and Jockey
Using the jockey and contain buttons is much more effective on FIFA 14 than in previous installments in the past. Using these features will put your defender in a side-wards stance which is the ideal position that you want him to be in. If you try and keep a couple of yards between you and the skilled forward, then this is also ideal as you can also run while jockeying this year too.

Be Patient and Don’t Rush Anything
Far too many gamers want to just dive in and retrieve the ball like it’s the easiest thing to do in the world. Well, it’s not and you will have to play the patient game in order to be rewarded with it. If you rush your defending, then you’ll be giving the opposition the best form of defensive opposition that they’ve ever come up against. Also, by just rushing everything you will risk getting your players yellow and red cards and FIFA 14 is hard enough to win with 11 on the pitch, let alone any less.


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22 Aug 2014

How will you get coins for the coming FIFA 15

930.0x524.0 4 How will you get coins for the coming FIFA 15It is crazy to see that the amount of Fifa fanatics who are spending more and more each and everyday on Fifa Ultimate Team.But why do we do this? What is the huge fascination with just a game and to have the best team available to us? It all mainly comes from “been the best” whether its been better than a friend or family member – to have the bragging rights over them, or been able to humiliate your opponents in 1 on 1 matches. Or fight to get to division 1. It all counts in a dog eat dog world in the world of Fifa ultimate team. Buying Fifa coins is nothing new it has been around since the start of Fifa ultimate team back in 2010 just that not many people knew about this method and instead of buying ultimate team coins they spent money on PSN points and xbox live points.

The disadvantage to this is the fact that with points you can only actually open packs you can’t Physically buy players which in my eyes is more of a risky game as your relying basically on pack luck. When it comes to buying fifa coins it gives you more flexibility due to you been able to either use the coins to buy players, or if you like open packs. Take for example you want to buy Frank Lampard remember this a example! And he costs 10,000 coins. You can either buy £10 worth of PSN points and hope you get him in a pack, or you can spend £10 on 100,000 coins which would make more sense?

When buying Fifa Ultimate team coins you do buy at your own risk, and in the past Fifa have banned accounts for coin banning. At the same time it is a very slim chance of it happening and 1 person out of every 1000 would get banned. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying as I have seen users who don’t buy coins getting banned for no reason from EA as they have a tendency to do for some reason…

Will buying Fifa coins ever stop? In my eyes I don’t think it will even though Fifa ban accounts etc, but as long as coins are been pumped into the game and still people who do not know about buying Fifa coins it will continue through Fifa 15 and the future.If your looking to buy Fifa 15 Coins then look no further than

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08 Aug 2014

How to master defensive heading in FUT 15

930.0x524.0 2 How to master defensive heading in FUT 15The headers are one of the most important aspects of the game, and it’s one that you’re going to need to master as quickly as possible if you’re going to get anywhere this year. For the latest installment, EA Sports have introduced a variety of attacking features which has changed the football simulator and turned it on it’s head.

We’re here to help you get to grips with these changes and get better overall at heading whilst in defence with your back four. All of the corners, set-pieces and crosses that are put into your box will all need to be dealt with, and we will give you the best tips to ensure this.

The headers said to be extremely overpowered in FIFA 15, so it’s absolutely vital that you clear up this part of your game otherwise you’ll end up conceding quite a lot of goals. This will mean that you will have to score more than your opponent and that’s going to be hard to achieve week in, week out.

The very first thing that you will need to do before anything, is to sign Arial threats for your one or two centre back positions. The right back and left back don’t need to be exceptional in the air, but your central defensive partnership will have to be. This will instantly give you an incredible advantage against tall strikers and is key to your success.

It’s important that when a ball is delivered into your danger zone, that you don’t just stop still ball-watching and you actually go towards the ball and attack it. You can use the shadow of the ball whilst it’s in mid-air and there’s also a marker which will also show you where the ball is going to land on the ground.

Use the left stick and move the player towards the incoming cross and try and get in front of the attacker as this will give you the edge in the battle. A great tip to use is holding in the shoot button instead of the usual pass button. Not a lot of players choose to do this, but it’s incredibly effective and even more so if it’s held in for the entire time until the bar goes full and it’ll also clear the danger away from your penalty area too.

This particular method may raise question marks to some, but the other option is leaving the duty to your goalkeeper and hoping that he saves the header shot. By using the shoot button, the ball will fly over 30 yards out of your box, and although the opposition may retain possession, they’ll have to start their attack all over again which is good news for you.

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08 Aug 2014

WildStar Game Guide:Auctions Analysis

wildstar images

Crafting Aucioner,It is an NPC, of the name of Commodity Broker, who is standing in the Capital City and he lets you buy and sell all of the material that can be used for crafting.

1404789049 wildstar%20Auctions WildStar Game Guide:Auctions Analysis

In the window, there are four tabs and the “Buy Now” tab is connected with “Create Sell Order”, and “Sell Now” with “Create Buy Order”. The reason for that is that, since you can put up an item to sell, at a given price, someone else may want to buy that item, at a lower price. If someone needs quick money, there is an option to access “Sell now” and sell all of the materials to someone who ordered a buy, at their price.
You need to remember, however, that you can neither buy, nor sell too many materials, at a time. The system will then stack up all of the offered goods into one and you then need to buy ten of a kind, because the price for, e.g. the eleventh piece may change.

Aucionner in the Capital City, surrounded by the two other merchants, allows you to buy and sell, on the auction, all of the weapons and the other equipment. There are two tabs here. Buy Items allows you to view the list of goods that the other players wish to sell (unlike in the case of the Crafting Auctions, not stacked anymore), and Sell items allows you to sell them at the auction, along with displaying the other items put up for the auction, so that you can see what the prices on a given item are.

- See more at:

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10 Jul 2014

Why not confuse this cheap rs gold

runescape screen

All Runescape players attention! We want to inform you a good news, that is certainly we’ve got decided to reduce our runescape gold sale price from today. And that means you will be able to buy cheaper rs gold.

runescape screen 2 Why not confuse this cheap rs gold
Actually, we have been discussing if we should lower down our rs gold price, a few of the staffs in our company believe that the retail price we make is very cheap, and then we do not need to reduce, and it might also reduce our profit. However , many staffs think, if we lower down the price, it might bring us more orders, so after the discussion, we’ve got made a decision to give lowering down trying to determine when it can bring more rs gold orders to us.

runescape screen 1 Why not confuse this cheap rs gold
We will do price check daily, and we will check some main runescape gold sellers’ price, so we’ll beat them all. If you decide to find any site where sells cheaper than us, please not hesitate to contact us, we are going to tell our manager and to get over that price. But ensure the website you tell us has to be a legit and famous website, and we don’t match price by incorporating small sites as most seem to be scammers, they’ll use over the price to attract one to pay, whenever they get the money, they can’t deliver the gold to you personally.
Please also tell this news in your friends, and enquire these phones purchase from us for them to take advantage of the rs gold with cheaper price. And that we have promotional code to you personally despite we lower down our pirce, in order to have a discount code, please contact our sales operator, her skype ID is coolyou8, you can contribute her and enquire of her to offer a bonus code.
Anyway, if you have any question, you possibly can just contact our 24/7 online Livechat operator at any time. They’ll do their best to aid with all your issues. Appreciation for your support and we hope you would take advantage of the shopping on our site.

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28 Apr 2014

The way to obtain the Master capes in RS

runescape capes

It has been a while since Jagex announced that they are going to create a bunch of brand new master cape, but players are still so keen on talking about that until today. Based on that, Runescapegold2007 is here to list some basic features of those gorgeous master capes.
rs capes2 The way to obtain the Master capes in RS
Since some players cannot be satisfied with the 99 capes, Jagex is going to release some 120 master capes. However, they are not sure if a majority were happy with the idea of creating high end goals that only target a certain type of player, so there will be a poll.
If the poll were to pass, every skill in runescape would be creating 120 Master capes without skills be raised to 120.The new Master capes would look similar to the Dungeoneering master cape, very similar to concepts scattered across the internet which have been created by players.
How to obtain the Master capes?

Players would need a ‘virtual’ level of 120 (104,273,167 XP) in a skill to unlock a Master cape. They would be sold by the existing skill masters for 120,000 GP each.
XP rates, however, would not be changed with this update to allow for these capes to become more easily obtainable. Meanwhile, there would not be new emotes with the capes, they would be released with the ability to perform the related 99 skillcape emote.
Details about this update

1. The capes would be in-game items not cosmetic overrides, unless the owner decides to Keepsake it themselves.
2. They would have the same stats as the existing skillcapes.
3. There are no current plans to introduce a 120-style Quest cape.
4. There are no current plans to introduce Milestone capes past 99.

Although the poll is still not released, according to players’ reaction, it won’t be taking so long any more. This addition won’t hurt anything and it’s a fun, positive, update for those who have worked hard for high experience levels. Let’s look forward!

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23 Apr 2014

Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

get full runescape screen

Are You Want Play Runescape in Full Screen Mode for Free!

FSQQPCDG7DY7OXS.LARGE  Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

In this instructable, I will show you how to play Runescape in as close as you can get full screen mode.
If you need some Runescape Gold you can click here! And following is the way to get full sreen:
What you need:

*Internet explorer 8
*An internet connection icon biggrin Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen
*A FREE runescape account (if you already have a members account, then just use the full screen option, duh!)
*Common Sense!

This method involves using the zoom function in internet explorer 8. This only works on Runescape, not other funorb games.

Step 1: Get the Browser

Get the Browser Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

If you already have Internet Explorer 8, then you can skip this step.

Download Internet Explorer HERE:

Step 2: Make your way to the game

Make your way to the game Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

Ok, if you have played runescape before, then you should know what to do.

Or not…

2a. open your browser to
2b. click on the big yellow button that says “Click Here to Play”
2c. let the game load

or you could just take the shortcut…but it’s your choice
Step 3: Internet Explorer-Side modifications

Internet Explorer Side modifications 1 Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

Internet Explorer Side modifications 4 Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen Internet Explorer Side modifications 3 Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

Internet Explorer Side modifications 4 Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

Ok, this is what you’ve all been waiting for! Fullscreen for free users!

First, Switch your shiny new browser to full screen mode by clicking Tools>Full Screen, or just press F11…

Next, go to the little magnifying glass down at the right hand corner of your screen, click the arrow, then custom zoom. Set it to 140 and hit enter and close the zoomo box windo.

Finally, scroll almost all the way down using the scroll bar (see picture)

Step 4: Runescape Side Modifications

Runescape Side Modifications Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

Ok, the Final Step!

Open the options Tab by clicking on the Hammer & wrench icon.

Under Display Mode, select one that works on your computer and internet connection. I use Standard.

Under Screen Sizing, select RESIZABLE. This resizes runescape with the browser, which is why this workaround works.

Under Advanced, pick what you want detail wise. Do the same with Volume and Animated Backrounds.

Close it and wahoo! Full Screen for Free Users!
Step 5: All Done

All Done Come Here To Play Runescape In Full Screen

And there you have it! Be sure to rate and comment! I have a video summery uploading to my server, maybe it’ll be ready by this afternoon. Enjoy!

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20 Apr 2014 is a great place to purchase all sorts of Runescape products

RS Gold

I think is a great place to purchase all sorts of Runescape products including Runescape gold. The website has been in business for nine years and so I didn’t have to worry about fraud. Buying from is both simple as well as convenient. They even provide ‘safe to your account guarantee’ and ‘high speed delivery guarantee’. In addition it is also possible to preorder Runescape gold. In case of preorder, the Runescape gold will be delivered to our account once it is created. In case of any problems while purchasing or in case of doubts about the Runescape products after purchase, it is possible to contact the website directly. They provide a live chat support so that we can contact the website at any time and on any day.

rs 22 300x240 is a great place to purchase all sorts of Runescape products

As compared to other websites the website provides Runescape gold at much lesser rates. In addition, the transaction is safe and secure and the Runescape gold is being delivered much quicker as compared to other website. I think purchasing Runescape products from this website is a great experience and I would recommend it to any others who are look for a genuine website that provides these products. Now I am ready to enjoy the new adventures without having to worry about harvesting gold.

For all those who wish to buy rs gold, is undoubtedly the right place where they can continue purchasing exceptionally affordable game gold in the near future.

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16 Apr 2014